Our speakers will cover topics related to the theme of the event - 

Testing and Applications for Quantum Computers​​

  • Andru GheorghiuVerification of universal quantum computation

  • Vedran Dunjko -  From Quantum machine learning to Quantum AI

  • Dominik Hangleiter(How) can we verify quantum supremacy? 

  • Dan Mills - Benchmarking Near Term Quantum Computers

  • Damian Markham - Introduction to Quantum Computing I

  • Brian Coyle - Overview of Variational Algorithms in QML

  • Nathan Killoran - Optimization and quantum machine learning with PennyLane

  • Ellen Derbyshire - Testing quantum gates with randomized benchmarking 

  • Petros Wallden - Introduction to Quantum Computing II: The Quantum Circuit Model and Basic Quantum Algorithms

  • Ashley Montanaro - The Theory of Quantum Computational Supremacy

  • Niel de Beaudrap - Introduction to Quantum Error Correction

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